Who are we?

We are night hawks, we are early risers. We are thinkers, we are do’ers. We are lovers, we are fighters. We would rather be lucky than good, but know we make our own luck.

We are an organization of very few, and we are committed to the business of retail and all that surrounds it. The folks we work with have an appreciation for the planet that we inhabit, and want to protect it and pass it on. We are all about business, but our business is fun because we make it so. Clockwork Projects is all about timing and relationships – as we have learned and continue to learn, are Everything.

Here are the official stats:

  • Initiated in 2009 by Andi Carey, Clockwork Projects is a sales agency that focuses on building retail strategy via Sales, Marketing and Networking.
  • Clockwork Projects brings professionalism to all things retail: Selling, Buying, Training and Merchandising.
  • Clockwork Projects is based in Calgary, AB serving independent retailers across Canada.
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